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Echoes – Every New Day – Review


Every New Day

Arguably one of the most underrated members of the F-ire collective, guitarist-composer Jonny Phillips has been making consistently good records for the best part of a decade and it’s not too great a shot of hyperbole to say that his group Oriole have all star starture. The likes of saxophonists Ingrid Laubrock and Idris Rahmn bassist Ruth Goller and drummer Seb Rochford – to name but a few of the band members- all handle phillips largely Afro-Brazilian influenced repertoire with the requisite nuence as well as dynamism, and the results are impressive. The set is perhaps just a touch more shadowy and broody than 2006’s Migration and the astute use of Ben Davis’ cello amid low, grainy harmonies frm the reeds really imbues the music with a fraught edgy atmosphere, slightly recalling classic Baden Powell recordings.

Kevin Le Gendre

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